Over ninety percent of all diseases and malfunctions of children's bodies (as with adults) stem from the unclean intestinal tract, constipation (Latin constipatio meaning crowding together), with infrequent or difficult evacuation of the feces, retention of the feces, and lack of coordination in the nerve and muscle functions of the colon and bowel.
      The mucusless diet will eventually clear the body of old fecal matter that has accumulated and become dehydrated and hard and cause so much trouble. Sometimes the body needs faster help than can be given with diet alone.
      A persons body must be kept clean inside and out, to perform daily tasks efficiently and smoothly. This body is the housing of the spirit and operating force of life. With the spirit commanding a good clean structure, a smother, happier life is evident. The scriptures tell us that God will not dwell in an unclean tabernacle. We have been told that the body is a temple, or tabernacle of God. This structure must be kept in good repair, and clean, to be a comfortable abode.

  1. A condition of peristaltic malfunction in the bowels wherein the fecal matter becomes condensed and compressed and the evacuations are infrequent and difficult. This condition is produced by our modern way of life--the eating of highly refined and demineralized foods instead of a plain and coarse diet, the strain and stress of rapid living, hastily eaten meals, and lack of exercise. When toxic waste matter is left to stagnate in the lower bowel tract, the system becomes polluted with poisonous gases which congest and irritate the surrounding organs, causing adhesions, and other ailments. A person should have bowel movements as often as regular meals are eaten.

  2. Dizziness can be caused by constipation when pressure causes the nerves to become impinged.

  3. Hives: The bowels must be cleared since the worse cases of hives can come from constipation.

  4. Bronchitis: Constipation is one of the chief causes of the problem.

  5. Diarrhea: It is the most severe form of constipation and should be dealt with immediately.

  6. Headaches & Migraines: Headaches can stem from several sources. Very common is the constipation headache, where compressed fecal matter presses on the nerves that affect the head.
  1. The impurities accumulate with improper diet and living, and then when nature makes an increased effort to clear that wastage out, the dirty channel holds back the larger materials similar to the overgrowth and trash that can dam an irrigation ditch.

  2. Meat also causes constipation through the fact that it encourages putrefaction of the colon both by introducing putrefactive organisms in great numbers and also by providing material which is best calculated to encourage the growth of putrefactive organisms in the colon.

  3. Most persons who suffer from constipation habitually drink too little water.

  4. Alcoholic beverages of all sorts tend to produce constipation, by causing chronic intestinal catarrh, ulcer of the stomach, and paralysis of the sympathetic nerves.

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