New tissue cells that lack a controlled growth pattern.

      For many years Dr. Christopher taught that cancer is not an isolated problem in the body. If the cancer breaks out in a place where we have an old injury or a weakened portion in the body it only indicates that the cancer is in the bloodstream. It only accumulates, like a boil or an ulcer, in a weakened area and drains the poisons in the area. The medical profession cuts it out and says, "Well, the cancer's all gone!" The cancer breaks out in another place. The bloodstream must be cleaned. The Red Clover Combination or even Red Clover alone has a powerful alterative effect to clean the bloodstream.

      Clockwork Cleanse
      Green 15
      Blood Purifiers:
            Black Dogwood Formula
            C & A 25
            Golden Flower Formula
            White Elk Formula

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