Bronchitis is commonly known as an inflammation of the trachea and the bronchial tree (acute or chronic).

      Bronchitis usually begins with a dry, rough cough; often producing little.

      Acute bronchitis may be caused by viral or bacterial infections. These are the main causes; however, environmental conditions, such as pollutions, fumes, solvents, etc. also contribute to this health issue. This type of bronchitis is often preceded by an upper respiratory tract infection. The second type of bronchitis is known as chronic bronchitis. This ailment may result from prolonged exposure to irritants to the bronchial. Among these are the following: cigarette smoking (second hand smoke is just as harmful), environmental toxins and poisonous fumes, etc. The cells lining the bronchi produce excess mucus in response to the chronic irritation. This lifestyle can lead to many other health issues.

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